Google+ vs. Facebook – Battle for Overtakig Social Media Leadership

After mighty Google launched it’s social network called “Google +” in 2011. Facebook got one really big competitor which is worth of worrying about and preparing ultimate battle plan to save their place of number one social network currently in the world.

Google+ vs. FBWhen we talk about other social network such as Twitter, Pinterest and others we can’t compare them to these two stated above because their platform and way of promoting if a big different then Facebook’s and Google+’s goals. These main two giants are fighting for overtaking platform which is most popular within people from whole globe. It’s a place where people hang out, meet each other, chat and talk to their family, friends and relationship partners, colleagues and acquaintances. Place where you can make your photo albums, tag your friends, share video files, make fan pages of your favorite product or service. All of this is similar to both of Google Plus and Facebook.
And While Facebook is currently No.1 social network on Earth, Google+ is just few centimeters behind their back because it’s getting more and more popular every day and many people are deleting or deactivating their FB accounts and moving to Google Plus.
Whether this moving happens from reason just to find something new or what, we are still not sure. But we suppose the main reason is because Google is so mighty. It owns every most popular features on the internet, such Gmail, Youtube, Webmaster Tools, Adsense. Every of their tools are most popular and best between competition, so people will of course say: “Hey, if Google has their social network, let’s get and register there!“. But however we can’t underestimate Facebook too, from where all social media thing started and became so popular. They’re still number one so Google will have to really work harder and harder to take leadership of this battle. All we have to do is sit and watch what is gonna happen in next years.

The Power of Facebook Hackers is Increasing Every Day

Today we are going to discuss about Facebook hacking and how people’s FB accounts are getting stolen every day in large number comparing to last years when this count was much smaller. We are also going to give reasons why this is happening and what motivates hackers to do such things so we advising you to make yourself comfortable because the explanations is going to be shown in next paragraph.

Stealing PasswordsIt’s not just case about FB accounts which are getting stolen, but whole social media! Instagram, YouTube and Twitter accounts are as well getting hacked in enormously speed and every day the number of compromised accounts is getting bigger then ever. Why this is happening?
Well the reason for this is because the number of people who are registering to these social media platforms is getting larger and larger. Audience on the internet is every day bigger, so lets say advertisers wants to promote some product over the internet, where they will search for potential customers what do you think? Of course they will primarily look at social media first, at Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter but primarily at FB because it’s currently the most popular social network on the internet.

So what is currently popular between advertisers is to buy few Facebook accounts and use them for spam over the fan pages with comments containing the link to their website or service. This was of advertising is free to them comparing it to Facebook’s advertising platforms because obviously they would have to buy the ads instead so it’s cheaper for them to invest few bucks into buying some fb hacked accounts and few minutes of their time for spamming. They buy them on various sources such as Fiverr, marketplace forums and so.

So how these merchants gets hacked Facebook profiles? Well they are either hackers as well or they pay for these black hat services so they could resell them. Currently the most used method for hacking a Facebook account is using specific software which does this process automatically. Most reliable one currently is from this site.
However creators of this application strictly prohibits using it for cracking other’s people accounts so this tool should be used just for recovering your own FB password but hackers abuse this rule and use it for their black-hat activities.
However if these bought accounts are used for spamming multiple times Facebook’s security system will discover it after some time and then accounts are getting blocked and then you can’t login if you don’t answer few security questions such as recognizing faces of friends what shows on several times. If you fail this accounts get’s blocked forever. This is a chance to their real owners to get them back because obviously a person who hacked it doesn’t know what are names of friends and faces.

The place where merchants of these stolen FB accounts are selling them are various forum with marketplace sections but most popular one is, so if your Facebook accounts gets hacked this is a place where we recommend you to look first. If you detect yours you’re lucky guy because you can simply PM an admin so he should ban or warn the seller and you have big chance to get it back!

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Technology Devices Before and Today

Technology Devices If we were born in 90s or before we can all remember our fist TV, mobile phone, PC, video player, our first Nintendo 64 or PlayStation one and such devices. Have you ever be thinking about how they progressed and how today they’re advanced like 300% or even more, and how they will look in a future? The point is, technology is progressing really fast. What you imagine today or see in SF movies it can be real in next few years. I can still remember when I was young and were watching “Alien” movie which was recorder in 1987. and there were these touch screen computers. In 90s it was all unreal and we were just imagining it how this is going to be in future in lets say next thirty years or so, but it was invented just after a decade.
We were imagining about flying cars or cars which runs on electric power and today we can see industry provides them, and also provides natural fuel from rape plants and such.

First Computers Can you remember an old PCs when someone upgraded one and proud about 2MB of RAM memory. Now it seems just ridiculous but then these computers were powerful machines. Or an old games on Snes, Nintendo and Gameboy consoles with pixelated graphics and 8bit sound. They now seem very old-fashioned but in their times these were providing us fun and enjoyment all young and old ones were playing. However even now some play these old-school ancient games such as Super Mario or Final Fantasy III from before two decades and such because these were master peaces in gaming, independently of graphic, these games had soul and epic story which was keeping people addicted to them. Now gaming producers lacks in ideas to make new games with some story which hasn’t been produced in this genre before. So almost everyone says old games are better, it’s just because these old ones had an unique story which today we can see many games with similar action and heroes. They’re of course with better GFX and they’re very nicer to play but deep inside idea lacks inside them.

When we talk about mobile phones, I can remember being fourteen year old boy when I had Nokia 3410 and all my school mates with me were playing this Snake game and enjoy it. Today if we say this to younger teenage boys whey will make fun of it. But this was before exactly 10 years only. However that’s only when I talk about this game, regardless of resolution, camera quality (these phones from my young age hasn’t have camera at all), or they had shi*ty VGA one with crappy resolution. Today’s smartphones had HQ cameras so you don’t even need to buy digital photo camera, your mobile phone has really decent one for personal using. Just if you’re an professional photographer so you’ll need pro one with deep resolution.

All I’m talking about now is how technology and devices progressed really fast in short time so we can’t even imagine how this all gonna look in next ten years. I’m really excited about this because there will be coming some new feature-devices and equipment so just what wee need is money to afford all these funny toys. Are you excited too? Share your thoughts below!

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